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Cultural Tours

Nepal has a lot more to offer besides trekking and climbing in The Himalayas. Nepal being a relatively small country from its high Tibetan plateaus through the Himalayan mountains, lush forests and all way down to the plains, it has around  has 125 ethnic groups with own unique culture and 123 different languages. Cultural tours in Nepal are a journey of discovery through the eyes of the local guides among fascinating monuments, villages frozen in time, extraordinary way of life, unique customs & traditions, beautiful nature and so much more.

Oneals Backpackers Adventure offers a different approach to seeing Nepal. We put emphasis on delivering an informative, productive and ultimately memorable experience. If  you already have an itinerary in mind that is not in our list, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to satisfy your wishes.

East Nepal Ilam Tea Tour- 10 Days

East Nepal Ilam Tea Tour is a journey to the rolling tea hills of

Upper Mustang Adventure Jeep Tour- 11 Days

Upper Mustang Adventure Jeep Tour is an adventure of a lifetime to the villages frozen

Glimpse of Nepal Tour- 9 Days

Our Glimpse of Nepal Tour is a customized itinerary created by Oneals Backpackers Adventure