Oneals Backpackers Adventure was founded in late 2012. Whilst working for a traveler’s hostel, Oneal and a group of travelers set off on a journey to East Nepal to explore the hidden view point of Sandakphu. It wasn’t only a hike, it was also a life changing journey for Oneal. Reaching Sandakphu at an altitude of 3660m and seeing snowfall for the first time in his life was incredible. The views of Mt Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Kumbakarna and the Himalayan range extending up to Bhutan was a not only breathtaking and also an eye opening experience. We have been dreaming about the mountains ever since. From the first days, Oneal and his team have always been exploring different regions of Nepal exposing visitors to Nepal’s beauty and real culture.

From left to right Stevie, Lima and Oneal.

Initially, Oneals Backpackers Adventure was more of a Facebook page than a company. A big thank you goes to Mr Hem Krishna Chapagain who not only supported us financially to register Oneals Backpackers Adventure legally as a trekking tour operator but also encouraged and advised us on every step.

Oneals Backpackers Adventure is not just a trekking tour operator. It is a passion and way of life for Oneal and his team. We express our deep gratitude to our valuable clients and everyone who have been supporting us on our journey until now and for a long way ahead.